The Liner
Shipping Game TM

Simple. Realistic. Educational. Fun.


Game for new employees in container lines, freight forwarders, ports, terminals and supply chain managers.


Game for board members and senior managers in container shipping lines, freight forwarders, ports and terminals.

Support Functions

Ideal for shipping employees in IT, Finance, HR, Communication, Marketing, Procurement, Project Managers and Process Consultants.


Teambuilding well suited for newly formed departments or mixed project teams.

For Ports

For port personnel with a need to better understand the container shipping lines.


Tailor-made sessions matching specific skills and requirements.
Extremely educating. It helped us to understand some essential basics, such as the difference between committed and non-committed cargo.
- Henri Paukku, Project Manager, MacGregor Cargotec
I learned a lot from playing the liner shipping game and I learned it fast. It helps you understand the complexities of coordinating between countries and ports and between key personnel groups.
- Chris Ellegaard, Professor, Aarhus University

The Liner Shipping game

The Liner Shipping Game TM The Liner Shipping Game TM is a business simulation that allows participants to execute core processes of a modern container shipping line. Using containers and vessels built from LEGOTM* bricks combined with a paper based flow of documents a team of players execute core customer service, cargo uptake management, stowage planning and terminal cargo handling task while being measured on their ability to reduce costs and maximize company revenue

Extremely educating. It helped us to understand some essential basics, such as the difference between committed and non-committed cargo. It also provided insight on the importance smooth cooperation of the whole shipping network, not only its individual parts.
- Henri Paukku, Project Manager, MacGregor Cargotec


The Setup

The Liner Shipping GameTM offers a team of people (ideally 12) the unique opportunity to simulate and experience, in a relatively short time, how a modern complex container shipping line runs its business using vessels and containers made out of LEGOTM * combined with a paper based flow of documentation in a small scale setup. During the game, the team will take responsibility for core commercial and operational tasks of a container shipping line, including vital terminal tasks, and through teamwork they can maximize carrier profitability. Each player gets to play all the different roles in the game by rotating and get the opportunity to collaborate directly with a number of the other participants. Depending on the prior experience of the players a full game takes between a half and a complete day to play. Shorter sessions can be arranged by simply reducing the number of rounds to be played and. As the gameplay is quite intense, it can be of interest to combine a session with lectures on liner operations, revenue management, container stowage, process improvement, performance management, strategy and competitive advantage in the liner shipping industry and more.

The Liner Shipping Game gives a great glimpse into some of the core operational and revenue management principles in container shipping. During the game newcomers to the container shipping industry and people working in the logistics sector in general will learn and experience some of what goes on behind the scenes in a container line. It’s great for a team day out of the office building shared knowledge and understanding.
- Mikkel T. I. Hansen, General Manager, Maersk Line

The Value

The educational game provides participants with a realistic insight into the complex commercial and operational fundamentals of Liner Shipping. An educational session provides the following value:

  • Hands-on experience with customer service, booking uptake, vessel stowage, port operations and asset utilization tasks and their interplay

  • An understanding of the value of communication and coordination of decisions across organizational functions and geographical units in a transportation / shipping network

  • An understanding of the value of process standards and data discipline for decision making quality

  • An understanding of relevance of IT based decision support tools for commercial and operational process optimization, as e.g. Operations Research based tools for Revenue Management and Stowage when to maximize profitability (increase revenue and reduce costs) across the liner network

  • Instruction / training provided by industry experts

  • Fun and building team spirit

The game can add value to both newcomers to the industry and experienced professionals. Bespoke company courses, training and game sessions can also be offered. For further information about the game and related training sessions, please contact us by mail or phone.

Great insight! The game provides great insight in the complexity of liner shipping companies, both operational as well as commercial. In the various roles of the virtual liner shipping company you really get a feeling for the complexity each role is dealing with. Collaboration becomes vital! Given the monetary aspects is also fun to do since the outcome is a direct result of team effort.
- Floris de Haan, Air Transport Expert, ORTEC Consulting Group
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LEGOTM is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies
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